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Our mission is to be the place with the best coffee, most genuine service and friendliest staff in town!


When you drive through any Jimmie’s Espresso Coffee stand, we want you to know we care about your experience! We love to ask you how your day is going before getting to your drink, because we are more than just a business, we are a community!


The real secret to the AMAZING taste in all of our coffee drinks comes from our rich espresso. Using a blend from our friends next door in Tumwater, WA, Ravens Brew has sophisticated the art of blending and brewing on a whole new level: “At Raven’s Brew Coffee, we seek to create unique taste profiles for each of our labels that remain more consistent from year to year than most single origin coffees alone.


We seek cups that highlight the classic characteristics of the major coffee-growing regions of the world while delivering more overall balance, complexity, and sweetness. Every blend should be a complete coffee experience. The Art of Blending is dynamic. It is constantly evolving and we along with it. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to coffee and invite you to experience the pantheon of bliss contained within our blends.” Well said.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? We believe that great drinks shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why EVERY DAY we offer special deals on our most popular (and sometimes pricey) drinks! That’s right! Whether it’s the biggest size, the most complex or caffeine crazy, we like to give everyone a bit of a break!

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